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Sports Handicappers

Sports bettors who are new to sports betting, or who donít know enough about sports betting, at one point in their life have bought or have considered buying picks from a handicapper. Too many people donít want to put in the time researching their picks, and think there is an easy way out by buying picks. However, just like anything else in life, there is no easy way out, or magic system that these sports handicappers claim to have.


How many times have you seen an ad for a guy claiming he is 23-0 ATS on Monday nightís in the past few years? If you have been on a bad streak, this may seem like a great idea. But think about this situation logically for a second. If you were good enough to pick 23 winners in a row, why would you ever waist your time selling picks? You could open up 5 different accounts at different offshore sportsbooks and have $250k on the game in no time.

Handicappers that charge more per pick also seem to be the ones who get used the most by the suckers. When handicappers charge $500 for one pick, your juice on every bet is severely increased. As a bettor you are going to have to be betting over $10k per game to even make it worth it, and thatís if they are legit. Instead of hitting 54% and winning money, your handicapper is going to have to hit over 60%, which is nearly impossible over the long haul.

Another tactic many of the shady handicappers use is giving out both sides of the game to different people. They will give out picks for two different games. Below is an example of how this scheme works.

Baltimore Ravens +3

Miami Dolphins -3

Miami/Baltimore over 45

Miami/Baltimore under 45

Group A

Baltimore+3 and Over

Group B

Baltimore+3 and Under

Group C

Miami -3 and Over

Group D

Miami-3 and Under

The handicappers who do this are guaranteed a 2-0 day with one group, 1-1 with two groups and 0-2 with one group. Everyone who went 2-0 will order picks again. Some of the 1-1's will order picks again, and most of the 0-2's will not. Most of the services will spew out some dribble about them having a bad day going 1-1 and then convince the people who went 1-1 that they have a huge inside information game coming up. This gets most of the 1-1's back and they already know the 2-0's will be back, so they are going to bring back between 50-75% of the clients.

This way of selling picks has greatly diminished in the past 5 years though due to many people looking for sports betting information on the Internet and users posting service picks in sports betting forums. Many of the scam artists have been exposed and are now trying to run the same scams under a different alias.

Here are some of the most notorious sports betting handicappers or as many people call them, scamdicappers that are taking advantage of people everyday.

- Jim Feist and his cohorts at

- Wayne Allen Root

- Ty Gaston

- Jack Price

What it boils down to is the followingÖ

- These guys do not have inside information

- They do not have contacts in the locker room

- They do not know secrets that Vegas doesnít want exposed

- No one can hit over 60% consistently for a few seasons

Stay away from buying picks from sports betting handicappers. If they knew as much as they claimed about sports betting, they would be betting the games themselves and not selling picks.

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